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Sprint PCS Free & Clear Plan -Valentine Day Special- Coverage Area

  Get 2000 minutes for only $49.99
  Now through March 31, 2001, you can get 2000 minutes - all with Nationwide Long Distance - for just $49.99 when you sign a one-year Sprint PCS Advantage AgreementSM.

Select the Sprint PCS Free & Clear Plan of $49.99 with a Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement, and you'll get 2000 minutes. That's 400 Anytime Minutes and 1600 Night & Weekend Minutes - all with Nationwide Long Distance.

Sprint PCS built the only all-digital, all-PCS nationwide network from the ground up, serving more than 300 major metropolitan areas. Hear the difference today.


  A $150 early termination fee applies to the Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement. The $49.99/2000 minute plan is available from January 14-March 31, 2001. A non-refundable $34.99 phone activation fee applies except in select Affiliate markets. All plans subject to credit approval. Included minutes are not good for calls made while roaming off the Sprint PCS Nationwide Network, whether local or long distance. Roaming calls are charged at $.69 per minute or $.39 per minute, depending on specific local market offers. Domestic long distance calls made while roaming off the Sprint PCS Network will be charged at an additional $.25 per minute. Night & Weekend hours are Monday-Thursday 8pm-7am and Friday 8pm-Monday 7am. © 2000 Sprint Spectrum L.P. All rights reserved. Sprint, Sprint PCS, Sprint PCS Phone and the diamond logo are trademarks of Sprint Communications Company L.P.