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Sprint PCS Free & Clear Plan -Valentine Day Special- Coverage Area

  Sprint PCS Free & Clear Plan
Monthly Service Charge $19.99 $29.99 $34.99 $49.99
Anytime Minutes 20 min 180 min 200 min 400 min
Night & Weekend Minutes 0 min 0 min 300 min 1600 min
Additional Minutes 40¢ 40¢ 40¢ 40¢
Long Distance Yes Yes Yes Yes

Standard Features Included: Voicemail, Numeric Paging to a PCS Phone, Caller ID, Call Forwarding 10¢, Call Waiting, Three-way Calling

Long Distance: If you do not select Long Distance as your Sprint PCS Free & Clear Option, domestic long distance calls will be charged at the flat rate of 15˘ per minute.

Activation Fee : A non-refundable $29.99 Phone Activation Fee applies when activating a Sprint PCS Phone to a new Sprint PCS account, adding an additional phone, or changing/upgrading your current phone to an existing Sprint PCS account. Some affiliate markets may not apply this fee.

Roaming: You can roam on conventional cellular networks if you use a dual-band phone. New York City customers receive a local roaming rate of 39 cents per minute in most areas within New York, New Jersey and Connecticut where automatic roaming is available. The national roaming rate of 69 cents per minute applies outside the local roaming area. Long distance calls will be charged an additional 25 cents per minute.


  Valentine Day Special

...Every Valentine Wants to Hear — TWO FOR ONE

Give your Valentine the sweetest gift of all - a clear way to connect with you. When you select a Sprint PCS Service Plan of $29.99 or more, we'll give you a $100 mail-in rebate on the purchase of any two Sprint PCS Phones.™ That's like getting two $99.99 phones for the price of one.

  • And, when you purchase online, you'll get a $100 service credit when you select any two Sprint PCS Phones and two Sprint PCS Service Plans of $29 .99 or more. Or, if you select a service plan with Sprint PCS Add-a-Phone,SM you'll get a $50 service credit on each of your first two invoices.
  • Choose 2000 minutes for only $49.99. That's 400 Anytime Minutes and 1600 Night & Weekend Minutes, all including nationwide long distance, with a one-year Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement.SM
Give the clarity of Sprint PCS this Valentine's Day.

Offer Expires February 14, 2001
  Coverage Area

Your Sprint PCS Phone works the same way no matter where you go within the Sprint PCS Nationwide Digital Network. When you travel, incoming calls find you automatically. There’s no need to tell us where you’re going or enter any special codes.