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Phones for Worldcom Rate Plans - Nokia | Motorola
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NOKIA 5180
The Nokia 5180 is a small, lightweight phone with great talk and standby time that's packed with fantastic, simple-to-learn features. The Navi"Key provides quick, one-button access to features on a large, easy-to-read five-line screen. Xpress-on" vibrant-colored covers - such as Gecko Green and Bermuda Blue - are simple for you to change, combined with a large selection of ring tones allow you to personalize your phone. Digital technology provides enhanced sound quality and call privacy. See more detail.


NOKIA 6185
Get maximum digital coverage wherever you go. This lightweight digital phone offers outstanding talk and standby time and versatile features for maximum performance. The convenient profile-setting feature - the ability to set the ringer to vibrate silently in meetings or ring loudly in airports and other noisy venues - lets you stay in command. With the Nokia 6185 you can personalize the phone’s alerts to fit your needs and surroundings. Its digital technology gives you enhanced sound quality and call privacy. See more detail.

Motorola V. Series V8160
The palm-sized V8160 digital wireless phone with built-in mini-browser can retrieve up-to-the-minute information (01) on weather, sports, traffic and events while on the move. See more detail.
Motorola StarTac ST7860
This classic black StarTAC phone keeps you connected and informed with a mini-browser that offers Internet access and advanced telephone services. (01) The ST7860 phone operates in both digital and analog modes to help increase service coverage. Additional features include Caller ID capability (01), smart button, VibraCall® alert, and a phone book that stores up to 99 contacts - all in a popular, small, lightweight design. See more detail.
Motorola Timeport P8767
Your busy life on screen, now in color! Your phone book, menus, email messages (01)…the P8767 displays it all in three vibrant colors to enhance readability. This fully featured and easy to use phone will help you manage your demanding daily schedule with such features as the mini-browser (01) and data and fax capabilities.See more detail.